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Oops, well not quite a year since I updated this site!  I've just quickly updated links etc, and I've uploaded the latest beta version MAMEWAH here, as changes in MAME versions v0.107+ were causing problems with MAMEWAH v1.61.  As always documentation is a bit thin on the ground at the moment so feel free to ask any questions over at the MAMEWAH message board.


Um, well since it's been months since I put any news up I suppose it's about time.  Most importantly, for those who are interested and don't already know - keep an eye at the MAMEWAH message board for Beta versions of MAMEWAH - testers welcome Thanks to those who have emailed pictures of their cabinets...and apologies for the delay in adding them to the site - check them out here!  I've also updated a few other pages on this site, but nothing too much to note.


As some of you have probably noticed, I'm back...I stayed 3 months away in the end, and have been too lazy to update this page since I got back...  Anyway, just added a few nice cabinets, and added MAMEWAH v0.97 to the downloads page as people keep asking for it.  Finally, added a donate page - for some reason I can't get the damn PayPal link to work properly...  I haven't done any work on MAMEWAH since I got back...and to be honest I don't intend doing much for a while - it's summer afterall


MAME Resolution Tool v2.0 released!  This is pretty much a complete re-write with many improvements, get it here.  Note that this has not been tested massively, particularly with vertical/rotating monitor setups, so please report any bugs to me ASAP because......I'm going to Oz for 2.5 months as of 26th Feb, so I will not be doing any stuff for that time .  Please feel free to email me with cabinet pictures, and bug reports for the MAME Resolution Tool and I will deal with them when I get back (or before I go if you're quick enough).  Please do NOT email me if you want a reply - I will be paying for any internet time I do get so I will be ignoring emails with general questions etc. - see the help page if you want help with something.  PayPal donations will be gratefully accepted however, I expect I will be pretty hard up with a few months off work   Have fun!

02/02/05 MAMEWAH v1.61 released!  Tiny bugfix release, most importantly fixing a problem with new versions of WinIPAC software.  Get it here!  Also, don't forget to check out the cabinets page - I'm updating this all the time...

Added a link for Silver's 'MAME LCD Gen' program (& updated the FAQ).  Also updated the main downloads with correct ini files - previously they were out of date (oops!) - thanks to John Crouse for pointing that out .


Updated at last!!  I've re-made the entire website!  As you can see it's no more impressive than before, but it now contains some up-to-date information - see the features, screenshots and help pages.  Also it is easier for me to maintain so hopefully it will be updated more often... I've also added a new cabinets page, which features users own arcade cabinets running MAMEWAH - take a look!   Also check out the updated links.  UPDATE: MAMEWAH v1.6 released!  Quite a biggie, grab it here!  BTW, I'm having some timeout from MAMEWAH related stuff for a while, to have a break and also to deal with some other things going on.  While I'll still be knocking around the boards I probably won't be as active as usual.  Have fun!

21/10/04 MAMEWAH v1.52 released! Again, mainly a bug-fix, with a coupleof improvements. As with v1.5/1.51, Please read the downloads page carefully before downloading. Enjoy :)
20/09/04 Typically later than expected, MAMEWAH v1.51 released! This is mainly a bug-fix, with a few improvements. As with v1.5, Please read the downloads page carefully...get it here!
09/09/04 Found a problem with the registration of the PaintX.dll component when using the system files setup.bat file (thanks AlanK II). If you have problems seeing any PNG's then grab the updated version from the downloads page. Found a handful of small bugs in the latest release, so I am working on fixing those - expect a bug-fix release at the weekend or early next week :)
07/09/04 MAMEWAH v1.5 (finally) released! This one's a biggie! :) Please read the downloads page carefully...get it here!
03/08/04 Looks like I missed my estimated release date from a few weeks back...oh well! Actually this is good news, as in the meantime I have re-written the main config system, and changed some other pretty major things. While I hoped to have everything done by now, I am also about to re-write my entire sound and music code, so it will be a little while yet...
12/07/04 Updated the links page with links to TimO Productions (MAMEWAH layouts / graphics), CrashTest Emulation (excellent M.A.M.E. snapshots among other things), Redump (optimised M.A.M.E. builds and intermediate releases) and Arcade Engine (nice arcade cabinet plans for first time builders). Also, ArcadeVGA M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool v1.02 released! This version updates to take into account M.A.M.E.'s removal of -listinfo in v0.84, also retaining compatibility with older versions. Take a look here or get it here. In MAMEWAH news, I have been re-writing the input code over the past few weeks, improving it to include multiple simultaneous keypresses, mouse & joystick support, and a configuration system not unlike M.A.M.E.'s ctrlr ini files ;) Hopefully this should be ready within 2 weeks or so...
15/05/04 MAMEWAH v0.97 released! A fairly small release, but with some pretty cool additions :) Get it here!
18/01/04 ArcadeVGA M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool v1.01 released! This version fixes a bug affecting Vertical or Rotating monitor set-ups. Take a look here or get it here!
05/01/04 ArcadeVGA M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool v1.0 released! For those who don't know what it is, read the news below :) This version fixes a bug and makes a couple of improvements. Take a look here or get it here!
17/12/03 MAMEWAH v0.963 released! This one is only small (handful of bug-fixes) as I've been busy working on my cabinet ;) Get it here! Added a link to David Butler's MAMEWAH Setup, a great utility for configuring MAMEWAH (compatible with old versions) :) Also, MAMEWAH now has it's own half-a-message-board - it shares with ArcadeOS at MAMEWorld!! Thanks to the chaps for sorting that out :)
23/10/03 ArcadeVGA M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool released! This is a tool similar to the existing programs, ArcadeVGARes and SetArcadeVGAMAMERes, but offers a more visual approach to resolution selections. Take a look here or get it here!
09/10/03 MAMEWAH v0.962 released! This one as usual has a few bug-fixes and improvements. I've also added some info to the readme about using PC apps/games, and using MAMEWAH + WINIPAC to reprogram the IPAC. Download MAMEWAH v0.962 here! Edit: it now includes an updated (don't get too excited tho) version of the Layout Designer too.
23/09/03 MAMEWAH v0.96 released! This one has a few bug-fixes and some cool improvements. Included in the download is a 368x240 res layout for arcade monitors. Oh yeah, and a README! Download MAMEWAH v0.96 here!
19/08/03 Added links to Stuzza's Layout Download Page , as well as his MAMEWAH Help Page - cheers for those Stuzza :) Also added a link to M1 , the great arcade sound / music emulator, which I have been using lately to make WAV's (& MP3's) for use with MAMEWAH. I *think* I have now fixed some problems with this site running on certain browsers (& Macs), please let me know if you see any problems (images not loading etc.). Thanks to those who pointed out the problems previously...
11/08/03 MAMEWAH v0.955b released! This one has a fair few bug-fixes and a bunch of small improvements. Get MAMEWAH v0.955b here!
21/07/03 MAMEWAH v0.954b released! I had to remove the movie screen-saver for now to cure a Win98 installation bug, and also fixed a small filtering bug. Get MAMEWAH v0.954b here!
20/07/03 MAMEWAH v0.953b released! This one has a good few bug-fixes, with a few nice improvements too. There are still a couple of bugs, and I still haven't done the readme, so it's still a beta. Get MAMEWAH v0.953b here!
09/07/03 Just wanted to say well done to all who have created Custom Layoutsand thanks for sharing them. To help me out, stuzza from the BYOAC forums has very kindly offered to host the layouts at his site, go get'em here! (Cheers stuzza :) ) I've been making some good progress in bug-fixing and improvements, and I expect the next release to be pretty good, so keep 'em peeled! :)
30/06/03 I just added the FAQ section, which should help with a few questions with the latest beta's. Thanks to Odonadon for compiling that, I should be adding to it as time goes on...Also, I updated the Screenshots section, to reflect the new possibilities using the Layout Designer. Thanks to stuzza and Steve G for submissions so far, I shall be adding these for download soon...if you have a layout you'd like to share, please mail me. I have updated the Links section too, to include sites which I have found particularly useful over the past months. Please report any broken links etc., since I also completely changed the structure of the site (behind the scenes). Oh yeah, and there's MAMEWAH v0.952b over on the Downloads page...
11/06/03 MAMEWAH v0.951b released! This one is mainly a bug-fix, with a few improvements. Note that bugs still exists tho, and I still haven't done the readme, so it's still a beta. Get MAMEWAH v0.951b here!
02/06/03 MAMEWAH v0.95b released! Note that this one is a beta, so beware of bugs! Please report bugs/oddities to the normal place with as much detail as possible, including your Windows version. Oh, but check the whatsnew file (included in the download) for bugs I already know of. Please read the stuff on the downloads page, it's quite important. Grab MAMEWAH v0.95b here!
09/04/03 Done the hard work on the multiple artwork thing - just need to add support to the slide-show screensaver and tie up a few things. Also added PC game/program support :)
12/03/03 OK It's coming along nicely now...finally got around to making the keys configurable, fixed a very annoying input bug (which doesn't seem to affect many people, only 2 reports + me), got my slide show screen-saver up & running again and also added support for Howard C's new EmuSaver wrapper (thanks again Howard) and also external .SCR screen-savers. I still need to add multiple artwork capability, and some other fairly minor things.
In other news: I've been testing the new ArcadeVGA card from Ultimarc, which is excellent! Check out some photos here. You'll be able to setup MAMEWAH in 640x288 in the next release (as in the photos) to prevent the 640x480 interlacing flicker.
04/02/03 Made some good progress over the last week, MAMEWAH pretty much fully working again (after a few months of crippled features). Multiple emulator support is now a lot more flexible, allowing ClrMAMEPro style DAT file list generation, CatVer support and multiple M.A.M.E. support. I also ditched the 'Main' / 'Favorites' list approach in favour of 1 Main (non-editable) list and up to 20 custom lists (per emulator). These lists can be generated using filters (which I have also improved) or manually. I added a 'lock' function to stop those damn kids messing up your settings, and Howard Casto's wrappers will now work with non M.A.M.E. emulators too (thanks Howard :). Screen saver still not working, and I'd like to add support for multiple artwork-types next, along with a handful of loose ends to tie up.
27/01/03 Happy New Year! A bit late I know, but who cares I'm still drinking ;) I've made a fair bit of progress since last time, except I decided to completely re-write about 90% of my code to make it more efficient (resource friendly) and easier for me to maintain. It should give some more flexibility for extra emulators (including alternative M.A.M.E. builds) too.
02/12/02 OK after a weeks holiday & large quantities of booze etc ;) I haven't got much done for the past month... Anyway, getting back into it now & made some good progress over the last few days - heres some new WIP screenshots!
22/10/02 Thanks to all visitors to this site over the last 10 months, the hit counter struck 10,000 last week! Quite nice timing for me since I started work on MAMEWAH exactly 1 year ago :) Thanks also for a couple of small bugs reported, these should be fixed next release. I'm in the process of making some fairly major improvements, so watch out for another big next release some time...a little while away yet tho.
06/10/02 Just been working on some resolution options, meaning you can pick whatever resolution you want, or simply get MAMEWAH to stay in your desktop resolution. Note that this will allow MAMEWAH to be used along with portrait software, eg PivotPro. *EDIT* or Radeon Control Panel rotations! Check out a couple of screenshots, that big list looks cool vertical! :)
02/10/02 Finally MAMEWAH v0.90 released!! Grab it here! There's a couple of important things to read before downloading this time so make sure you read it!
01/10/02 Programming finished, just readme to be updated. Check out the new screenshots!
28/09/02 CatVer filters up and running, not much left now...
26/09/02 Fixed all known WIP bugs. Added some more event sounds too. Just need to add filters for game categories ( CatVer ), and revise the readme. I'm guessing all should be ready for release in a weeks time :)
20/09/02 XP Problem fixed. No real MAMEWAH news.
09/09/02 XP Installed, PC crashing tho :(
04/09/02 Changed the font on this site, to the standard MAMEWAH font (System). Also adopted the name 'MAMEWAH' as opposed to 'MAMEWah' for some reason :)
01/09/02 If you haven't already, get to London for the GameOn exhibition - its awesome! It ends on 15/09/02 tho so hurry up! I'll upload a few photos once I can get them scanned in :)
24/08/02 Added a C64-configured screenshot to the Screenshots section, and a small C64 piece in the Emulators section.
19/08/02 Just added one more WIP image to the Screenshots section, screensaver MP3 playback now working nice :)
18/08/02 Added a WIP image to the Screenshots section, to show the customisation features, and some extra game info
13/07/02 Added a Controls section, to document my latest controller tweaking antics :)
12/06/02 Website images optimised for speed. Added Features and Emulators sections, there's nothing in the Features part yet tho ;)
11/06/02 VB Control Required
07/06/02 MAMEWAH v0.895 released! A few small bugs fixed with this release. Get it here!
05/06/02 MAMEWAH v0.894 released!
29/05/02 Anticipated relase date of 05/06/02 announced.
9/04/02 Nothing special :)
19/02/02 MAMEWAH v0.893 released!
30/01/02 MAMEWAH v0.892 released!
27/01/02 MAMEWAH v0.891 released!
27/01/02 MAMEWAH v0.89 released!
16/01/02 I hoped to have a new release up around now, but I've delayed it for a while to add a few more things and do more testing. Sorry about this, but hopefully the wait should be worth it :)
01/01/02 MAMEWAH website moved to
27/12/01 MAMEWAH website online at