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Atari System 1

This is my scratch-built arcade machine based on Atari's System 1 design, which housed a handful of games including one of my favourites, RoadBlasters. Note however this was designed around the components I wanted to use and therefore is not an accurate replica of the original design.


18mm MDF construction
Plywood monitor frame
4x castors
1 piece monitor/marquee glass
Perforated metal speaker grille
Removable PC board
Integrated Happ analog throttle/brake pedals
Integrated P1/2 Start + pause (shift) buttons
Hot-swappable control panels
Functioning Atari/Happ coin door
Custom artwork

PC Hardware:

P4 2.8GHz 800FSB
Silent PSU
Ultimarc ArcadeVGA AGP graphics card
Hantarex Polo/3 21" 15khz arcade monitor

PC Software:

Windows XP Home
MAME (Commandline)


KEGA Fusion (SMS/MD/32X/CD)

Control Panel #1: Joystick (2 Players)

6 Buttons
(x2 players)

Interface: Ultimarc IPAC
Control Panel #2: Analog

Ultimarc Ultrastik
Happ 3" Trackball
Tornado Spinner + Oscar Controls Tempest Knob
3 Buttons

Interface: Oscar Controls Mouse Hack (x2) + Ultimarc IPAC
Control Panel #3: 360deg Wheel (see pics below)

Pole Position Wheel hardware + Super Sprint Wheel
Hard Drivin' 4-speed Shifter
3 Buttons

Interface: Oscar Controls Mouse Hack + Ultimarc IPAC

Control Panel #4: Yoke (& 270deg Wheel)

Star Wars Yoke
Hi/Lo Turbo Shifter

Ultimarc APAC

NOTE: No original arcade parts were harmed in the making of this machine, all vintage parts restored and can be installed in original machines in the future if desired.