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Need some help with MAMEWAH?  Try the following:

1) Consult the MAMEWAH documentation -  (if you have installed MAMEWAH it will be located in your \mamewah\docs folder). The documentation is far from exhaustive, but you may find your answer. Here are the docs as supplied with MAMEWAH:

config.txt general explanation of file structures/naming

ini.txt - a list of all available ini file settings

ctrlr.txt - an explanation of how the ctrlr (input) system works

whatsnew.txt - whats new in all versions

license.txt - license agreement


2) Search the message boards - your questions may already have been answered (several times!):

ArcadeOS / MAMEWAH board (MAMEWorld)

Software board (BYOAC)

If you cannot find what you are looking for then post a question...please use the ArcadeOS / MAMEWAH board if possible - I regularly visit both boards, but of course I am a moderator of this one.


3) Contact me:

Since I get an awful lot of emails please make sure you have thoroughly checked the above methods before emailing me. Please note that to reduce spam my email account automatically blocks emails from certain domains (& does not notify me of this) so if I do not reply try from a different email account if possible, or use the message board.

minwah1959AThotmailDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with .)