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MAMEWAH v1.69:

MAMEWAH requires that DirectX 8.0 or above is installed on your system. Please visit here for the latest version.

Also required, are some system files which you may or may not already have installed. If you have not done so already, I recommend downloading and installing the following pack of system files. To install, unzip to a temporary location and run
setup.bat. You may then delete the files unzipped.

Download System Files!


Now you can download and install MAMEWAH itself. To install, simply unzip the contents into your target MAMEWAH folder.  If you are upgrading from a previous version MAMEWAH then I suggest you backup your existing setup.  Extract the contents of the zip file into a new folder so you can familiarise yourself with the current folder/file structure.  You may use ini files from previous versions, but beware some settings may be reset to default.

Download MAMEWAH v1.69

Download MAMEWAH v1.69 Source Code

Here is my imaginatively titled M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool, for automatic (& manual) selection of resolutions & INI file creation.  Click here to see it in action.  Note the above system files are required for this to run.  Simply download the zip-file and unzip to your chosen location.

Download M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool v3.2

Here is my custom
M.A.M.E. build, ShifterMame (v0.125). This supports 270/360 degree wheel and yoke games only, and fixes several shifter inputs among other things. Source changes and binary are included - please see the included document for full details.

Download ShifterMame

Here is another small custom
M.A.M.E. build, TX1Mame129 (v0.129). This only supports TX-1, and fixes the shifter input. Source changes and binary are included - please see the included document for full details.

Download TX1Mame129


Finally, here is MAMEWAH v0.97.  I would highly recommend you do not use this (the latest version is much improved), but several people have requested it so here it is...

Download MAMEWAH v0.97